As Die Broek Pas is a gripping one-woman play translated from a work by the renowned German playwright Manfred Karge.

The play explores the life of a woman who, during Germany’s depression of the 1930s, disguises herself as a man after her husband’s untimely death and takes over his job at the factory where he used to work as a crane driver.

Actress Antoinette Kellermann selected this play as a practical component of her Masters Degree at the University of Stellenbosch, where she studied so-called Trouser Actresses, or women playing the roles of men. Kellermann has played male parts several times before, including Prospero in an Afrikaan translation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Farensj in Boklied and Martiens in Die Toneelstuk, both written by Breyten Breytenbach.

All those productions were directed by her long-time colleague Marthinus Basson. As Die Broek Pas is also directed and designed by Basson.

Venue: Market Theatre
Dates: June 9-25
Times: Tuesday-Saturday at 8:15pm, Sunday at 3:15pm