Gauteng art enthusiasts are in for a treat this July as Stanislaw Trzebinski, a talented 25-year-old sculptor, showcases his mesmerizing solo exhibition, “Ortus”, at the Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg.

Part of his ongoing coral series, “Ortus”, features never before seen bronze sculptures in the 41-piece strong showing, along with never before seen two-dimensional works on brass, copper and paper. The exhibition follows on from a well-received run in Cape Town late last year.

“Ortus”, the Latin word for origins or beginnings, aptly evolves and extends Stanislaw’s central theme of modern man’s disassociation with the natural world.

The exhibition is presented as a complete story in that each work speaks to and has relevance to each other.

‘’I sought to illustrate the beauty of perfect harmony with nature, which is all but lost in modern life. I feel the need for us to take a closer look at our origins, and rekindle our forefathers’ appreciation and respect for the natural world on which we depend for our survival.” Stanislaw Trzebinski.

Now based in Cape Town, Trzebinski is a Kenyan born sculptor of Polish, German & English decent. He is the son of famed painter, the late Tonio Trzebinski, and celebrated fashion designer, Anna Trzebinski. Both parents enjoyed international critical acclaim in their respective fields. With this heritage, it is therefore not surprising that his outputs thus far carry all the traits of a passionate creative force to be reckoned with.

Discovered in high school, Stanislaw had his first solo exhibition at 17-years old. Although political commentary inspired his early work, his love for nature soon took over. After a brief stint at the acclaimed Pratt Institute in New York, he moved to Cape Town to hone his skill and produced a body of work that incorporated natural elements, like coral, rocks and abstract shapes and forms with the human form.