A litany of farcical and dramatic poetic works head to the Soweto Theatre this November for the KPN Poetry Overload Festival. A presentation from Kiri Pink Nob (KPN) in association with the Soweto Theatre is set to thrill audiences with performances that have consistently pushed the theatrical envelope on various stages across the country.

On November 11 & 12, audiences will be treated to the swaggerlicioushysterics of J.BHOBOZA, a none the wiser twanging rapper in the parody Boom Bap vs Swag Rap which will form part of the J.Bobs Live presentation that will also see a performance of Tower of Tewop.

The show is a laugh a minute saga heavy on audience participation and has been hailed as an “inventive” piece of theatre that will shake the audience out of their comfort zone, if they are not twerking on stage as was the case at a previous performance.

Boom Bap vs. Swag Rap is a uniquely South African play that is an exciting yet challenging take on the happenings within the contemporary urban hip hop or rap music scene. The power struggle that it sets up exists between two arch rivals, J.BOBS! and J.BHOBOZA!, both rappers who in their respective views, represent totally different ends of the musical spectrum.

Here then we are faced with the age old rap feud, the grand battle between the commercial/mainstream (J.BHOBOZA!) and the independent/underground (J.BOBS!). Presented in a satirical format as a ‘Live Rap Concert’, this colossal war is narrowed down to an epic dual between these two giants at polar ends, and all this, with uniquely locally influenced nuances.

Tower Of Tewop is a fantastical Poetry In Performance Farce. Having seen a rise in the popularity of poetry in South Africa, particularly on the largely informal platforms and stages, the interest in becoming a poet has grown into an urban-cult trend and cool-culture fashion. This has yielded a growth of the Poetry In Performance sphere, with regards to who partakes in and is attracted to Spoken Word as a live and sometimes literary medium.

Tower Of Tewop chronicles the summation of the most recognizable archetypes of the various genres in this realm.

Our flamboyant host, J.BooBoo introduces us to a stellar line-up of the top crop performers in their respective fields. The list comprises J.BAMBAKLAT!, a reggae poet, J.BOP!, a dungeon poet, J.BHOZZA!, a kwai-hop poet, J.BORRA!, a lay-verse prose poet, and J.BAWO an archaic-verse form poet.

Boom Bap vs Swag Rap and Tower of Tewop are written, directed and performed by Jefferson Tshabalala. He is supported by Bernett Mulungo on piano and Simphiwe Bonongo chiming in as a hype man and beat boxer.

Things take a dramatic turn from November 15- 20, with Tshabalala’s Poet.O. Type, which will continue to engage audiences at the Yellow Theatre. The story follows the journey of an eager student as he contends with varied lessons of his dynamic mentor. The show also explores the Poetry In Performance realm; a thrilling landscape within the underbelly of South Africa’s art house circles.

From November 17 -20 Poetry Overload sessions with various acts will take place at 11h00, 14h00, 18h30 and 19h15. And Poet.O.Type will run at 15h00 and the usual 20h15 slot.

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