The hard-hitting and thought-provoking play Acceptance will be staged at The Fringe at Joburg Theatre for a limited season from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 16th October 2016 and stars the legendary Jerry Mofokeng.

Acceptance is Directed by Rhodes University graduate Simona Mazza, written by Eva Mazza and was debuted at Drostdy Teater in Stellenbosch in November 2015.

Acceptance is based on the events around the highly publicised multiple filicides (the deliberate act of a parent killing his/her own child) by a South African-born mother of her three disabled children in England in April 2014.

The sixty-minute drama aims to give a voice to child-victims, whose voices are often buried with them. Through staging this play, the writer hopes the audience will deliberate over rather than skirt around the issues of a tragedy such as this one.

The fast-paced action, using straight dramatic technique married with physical theatrical elements and the use of visual projection, provides a platform to raise more awareness of filicide, the disabled, and the right to terminate life.

Acceptance hopes to shake the opinions that are often defined by society’s prejudices and the idea that some lives are less worthy than others.

Leading the cast is the legendary Jerry Mofokeng who plays the judge, alongside Lisa Derryn Overy as Jemma, Lea Vivier as Sam and Francois Viljoen as Nic.

“I’m thrilled to skate the boards of theatre again in a role that flies the social mask and touches the raw nerve of a man of power” states Jerry Mofokeng.

Simona Mazza, Director of Acceptance, adds; “I am so excited to revisit this text with Jerry’s acute theatrical intuition by my side. Showing this in Johannesburg to a discerning and conscious theatre-going community will be great learning curve and springboard for growth”.