Jozi Life are pleased to announce that we’re now ‘powered by Cool Ideas’.

They’re a tight-knit team of passionate individuals who are on a mission to bring the best high speed, uncapped and unshaped internet at an affordable rate. In conjunction with Vumatel, Fibrehoods, DFA and Octotel they will bring the residents and businesses of select suburbs, world class connectivity with world class support.

When does an Idea become cool? When two cool dudes get together and launch a company called Cool Ideas. After a few years of deep thought, Cool Ideas was formally launched in Johannesburg in 2011 by founding partners Andre Jooste and Paul Butschi. Between the two partners, a wealth of IT knowledge, networking strategies and LINUX operating systems expertise was unleashed to their cool clients. With a keen belief that fibre was the future, they have taken us forward into that future.

They believe that customer service is key and that working efficiently as a team is what gives them the edge.

Find them at www.cisp.co.za