Johannesburg’s very own Electro, rap, rock maestro’s Thundermerwe have just released a brand new video for new single “South I Freak On”. Shot on location in and around Joburg the track is an uplifting ode to our beautiful country and its people!

The band had this to say Thundermerwe has always been and always will be passionate about South Africa and everything that being a South African encompasses.

South I Freak On is a song about unity, rising above the divisive mind-set of racism and racial separation. At the same time holding dear the age old South African tradition of braai’ing.

With a zealous passion, ThunderMerwe takes to the stage like a Tsunami, sending walls of auditory magnificence crashing through the audience waiting in anticipation in the mosh-pit below. Creating a solid musical experience with no language or genre barriers so that anyone can immerse themselves in it. The band encourages listeners to find their own truth and meaning though all of life’s obstacles.

ThunderMerwe’s members have had the opportunity to share massive stages with well-known international acts like; Underoath, Becoming the Archetype and Haste the Day, and frequently being invited to play alongside local headline acts like The Narrow, Van Coke Cartel, Straatligkinders and Bittereinder, to name a few.