Now, after years of absence, Helen is back with a bang as she releases her comeback single ‘Like I Need You’.

After watching Madonna live, Helen approached Benjy Mudie, to whom she was signed before and still has an incredible relationship with. He played her another song by Pam Sheyne, the writer who penned her smash hit ‘Anything’. Helen instantly fell in love with the song and knew that ‘Like I Need You’ would be the perfect track to make her comeback with. Alongside Marius Brouwer at Pop Planet Studios the song is on track to make waves in the music scene. “I really feel as if I have come full circle as I release my new single,” Helen admits. “The song is about a girl who loves a guy a little bit more than is reciprocated. However, this doesn’t trouble her. She would give anything to be with the man of her dreams. I think in life and in love, one must take the good with the bad. It’s all about balance.”

When not making music, Helen explores another passion of hers – radio. She can be heard on Mix FM’s breakfast show every morning alongside Tony Blewitt. She received an MTN radio award in 2012 and another nomination in 2013. Helen also received an Artes Legends award for her contribution to the arts in South Africa.