Around the world The Great British Bake Off is known as the ultimate baking battle and now BBC Lifestyle South Africa is looking to find South Africa’s best amateur baker in the second series of an exciting local version of the format, which will be produced by the award-winning production company, Rapid Blue.

Over the course of the series, The Great South African Bake Off Series 2 will follow the trials and tribulations of the competitors, young and old, from every background and every corner of South Africa, as they attempt to prove their baking prowess and be crowned South Africa’s Best Amateur Baker in 2016.

The closing date for applications is: midnight on Monday 13 June 2016. All applications received before the deadline will be read. We will not read applications received AFTER the closing date.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the countrywide contestant auditions, which will take place in June/July. You will be notified by 23 June 2016 if you have been selected to take part in the auditions. If you do not hear from us by this date then it means, unfortunately, that your application has not been successful.

The Great South African Bake Off Series 2 is a national ‘bake-off’ where 12 passionate amateur bakers compete to be crowned South Africa’s Best Amateur Baker. Each week the bakers face a different baking discipline that they must master, from cakes and bread to pastry, as the weeks go on these become progressively more difficult. Each episode holds three challenges for the bakers to undertake, after which the least successful leaves the bake-off. The three baking challenges are:

Signature Bake

Testing the bakers’ personality, creative flair and baking ability, the main challenge here is to produce something rustic and altogether home-made-looking. It’s in this test that the Bakers get to show off their tried-and-tested hand-cooked bites.

Technical Bake

This challenge separates the wheat from the chaff. Take one basic recipe, with the same ingredients and instructions, and ask our bakers to produce the finished product… sound easy? Well, any variation on the finished product will be a result of their own technical knowledge and experience – or lack of. Bakers are laid bare in this task and this is where the pressure’s really on in the bake-off.

Showstopper Bake

The oven gloves are off in this final challenge where the bakers are able to showcase their depth of skill and talent. The complexities of this task call for a professional standard in taste and appearance. Are they up to it? The judges will be looking for the most impressive and elaborate creations – that better taste first-class too.

YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Your personal information will be shared with relevant members of the Rapid Blue production team and staff at BBC Worldwide and, in terms of health and criminal records information, may be shared with the broadcaster’s insurers.