While rugby gees at the stadium or pub is always exciting, sometimes the winter cold makes us want to curl up and stay indoors! Drostdy Hof invites you to make the most of the moment in your own home when South Africa takes on Ireland this June 11.

Drostdy Hof, as South African as the “Bokke”, was originally established in 1964 just outside Tulbagh. The success of the wines is a result of careful selection and blending of the grapes – take Drostdy Hof’s Merlot, for example. This medium-bodied wine with strawberry and cherry flavours is an ideal companion to most red meat and game dishes.

For a lekker South African spectator snack, try this fuss-free, delicious biltong pâté on melba toast/toasted baguette slices paired with Drostdy Hof’s Merlot.


100g biltong, finely grated
100g cream cheese
50ml double cream
2tbsp Worcestershire sauce
¼ tbsp coriander, ground
melba toast or toasted baguette slices, to serve
olives, to serve
gherkins, to serve


Cream together all ingredients until smooth.
Since the pâté will be fairly loose, spoon into ramekins.
Serve on either melba toast or toasted baguette slices with a glass of Drostdy Hof Merlot.
Tip: serve with olives and gherkins
Spoon extra pâté into a glass storage container and store in the fridge (consume within two days.)

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