Three girls die before they turn 21. They all become overnight internet sensations. In spirit, they are changing the world but what is happening to the people they left behind? How do you say goodbye, when death goes viral?

Kayleigh, 19, a victim in a fatal car accident; Amber, 15, bullied into taking her own life; and Jenna, 17, lost a fight with a rare disease. Soon after, their stories spread online – and the world is given access to their lives, and deaths.

But, in each tale, there are two girls to understand – the one they were in real life, and the one they portrayed to the world. Timelines is a documentary feature film made up for three stories that explore the ideas of truth and fiction, honesty both off- and online, and the desire to keep our loved ones alive, even virtually.

The Bioscope, Maboneng, Johannesburg