Hard to Get, the 2014 action film by Zee Nthuli has been invited to Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas from September 24th – October 1st.

Fantastic Fest is well known within film circles as the largest and most respected genre festival and market, specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies from all around the world, and Hard to Get Director Zee Ntuli will travel there as an invited guest of the festival and attend press events and Q&A’s of his film’s screening.

Hard to Get was produced by Junaid Ahmed and Helena Spring and is being sold internationally by AAA Entertainment, who will also attend the event as representatives for the film to any interested North American buyers. Genre films are rarely produced in South Africa, making the achievements of the team behind Hard to Get even more impressive.

AAA’s head of sales Pascal Schmitz explains “It’s rare for South Africa to produce genre films, especially those that travel, and Hard to Get has a great chance of finding distribution in North America through its selection at the Fantastic Fest. AAA Entertainment is focusing on genre films and proud to be representing Hard to Get internationally and we believe it will pave the way for other South African genre films in the future.

Hard to Get is a South African action thriller that was selected to open the 2014 Durban International Film Festival, and more recently, lead actress Thishiwe Ziqubu won the Sabela Award for Best Actress held at the Durban ICC. The award honours fresh talent within the acting industry more specifically in the KZN region and followed her SAFTA win in March also for Best Actress.

First time director Zee Ntuli’s gamble on the action-romance genre has been highly rewarded since the film’s release and this invitation to attend Fantastic Fest is the latest highlight. Ntuli has this to say on the inivtation, “It is a huge honour to represent my whole team and the work we have done at such an exciting and prestigious festival.”

He went on the discuss the role of genre films within the South African market, “ I think there is a huge gap in terms of South African films within the genre film space. The very positive response from audiences that the film has had locally and not just internationally, is reflective of a hunger here in South Africa for locally made genre films. I am very interested in fulfilling that need.

Attending Fantastic Fest as an invited guest is a major acheivement, especially for a first-time filmmaker, and it is hoped that Ntuil’s success will also encourage and inspire other genre filmmakers in South Africa.