It’s been a breakout year for black filmmaking with the Oscar’s Best Picture winner, Moonlight, paving the way for stories centred on black masculinity. Both a critical and commercial success, the film brilliantly explores how one’s environment and experiences can shape who that person becomes. On top of that, the Oscars made history this year with the most black winners ever.

In a similar vein, South African director and writer Charlie Vundla’s impressive new film ‘The Tribe’ serves as an affirmation that there is space for good storytelling of black men’s lives too. Vundla has created well-developed and nuanced characters who are both intellectually enlightening as well as entertaining.

‘The Tribe’ examines the complexities of a troubled marriage. It’s a tale about a young university professor named Smanga (Vundla) who is saved from self-destruction by a former school friend, and begins a journey to rescue his house, his marriage and his life.

Venue: The Bioscope
Date: from 12th March