Locally-based and home-grown group, Cape Town Paranormal Investigations, proudly invite you to be part of a rapidly developing field of interest and study: Paranormal Research.

Founded in 2014 by Marc Leitao, Cape Town Paranormal Investigations – or CTPI – quickly gained momentum. Born out of a desire to know more about the unexplained, and adding to its ranks like-minded individuals that now make up the team, CTPI is contacted by people from all walks of life seeking validity and guidance on paranormal events that affect them, and what they could do about it. CTPI then attempts to confirm or debunk their claims in a logical, scientific manner, through this, they are able to ease their clients’ fears.

Paranormal investigation, as a field of study, has grown in the last ten to fifteen years, bolstered by popular American-made television shows as Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. And while many maintain that these shows are merely armchair entertainment, serious paranormal researchers do exist, and are driven by a need to document things that are unexplained; not for the fame or sensationalism, but for the sake of learning more about those things that indeed go “bump in the night” Cape Town Paranormal is one such group.

Marc Leitao of CTPI says, “People have real fears, this is something we’ve found along the way, and whilst there is still a stigma attached to discussing their stories or experiences, we find that more often than not, most people have a story to tell.”