We’re giving away an Energiser 3LED Headlight. If you’d like to enter our competition, please send a selfie of you, your family or friends ‘lighting your way during load-shedding’ to editor@jozilife.co.za.

With load shedding an unfortunate but ever-present reality in South Africa, many South Africans are feeling the stress and inconvenience of being left in the dark. In light of their Positivenergy campaign, Energizer is helping people stay positive in the face of power outages, with their range of battery-operated lights, as well as a few tips that will help to make load shedding as hassle free as possible.

Energizer’s compact and handy lighting products use batteries, which means that stocking up on a few packs will make people a little less dependent on electricity. Energizer Max batteries use Power Seal Technology, preventing the unwanted loss of energy while stored or in use. They hold their charge for up to ten years in storage, so that they will be reliable and ready for use when load-shedding strikes. Furthermore, Energizer is so confident that these batteries will not leak and damage valuable devices that they offer a no-leak guarantee on Energizer Max batteries.

Energizer products that keep the lights on include headlights for hands-free convenience, torches for a quick and easy way to find the way in the dark, and larger lanterns that can illuminate a room will all provide the light needed to perform normal household tasks after dark. Energizer even has a battery-powered reading light, which can clip onto books and e-readers. And for those who can’t be without their tablet or phones, Energizer also makes a portable power pack, which holds its charge for up to 12 months and can charge two devices at the same time.

For more information on Energizer’s range of batteries and other products, go to www.energizer.co.za.