Love it when a clan comes together – there are 15 days ’til the clan burns.

A lot can happen in ten years. From a small and kinda humble gathering in 2007, something massive has grown. Every year has added more magic, more art, more mutants, more creativity and more connections across a diverse community. Suburbs have come together. New roads have been added. Weddings have been had – and more than a few bonfires have gathered a growing crowd.

But it’s always better next year, right? Nah – every year is always completely different, but the autonomous zone always presents the same challenge: step in and make it happen. Underneath it all the same thing is happening: humans, learning how to be human again.

It’s a participatory exercise in mass therapy; a dust panacea for the soul. It’s some magic dirt that washes you clean and turns you loose to good shit in the default world on your return. And that’s pretty damn special.