With an estimated 500 million people around the world following the Formula 1 Grand Prix season, and with images of the rich and famous around in the pits, this motor sport is undoubtly a glamourous event. Today, one of the most successful teams is McLaren, having won many races, drivers’ championships and constructors’ championships.
Represented in South Africa by Justin Divaris, the CEO of the Daytona Group, he is an entrepreneur with a passion for sports cars, and spearheaded the successful launch of Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and Sunseeker Yachts in South Africa.

The first McLaren model, the MP4-12C, was launched here in 2011 and had a major impact on the super-car segment in South Africa. The response has been phenomenal, with demand exceeding expectations. The super-car fraternity has embraced the introduction of the brand with its class-leading performance and specifications.

This pedigree was the ideal ‘partnership’ for Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, master engineer and lover of that exciting sport, and his Super Veloce coffee ‘machines’, works of art that replicate those Formula 1 engines.

Paolo put his motor sport passion into creating his espresso coffee makers, which are, in essence, half-scale models of V12 1990s racing engines, and are manufactured of the same hi-tech alloys – and yes, they are fully-functional works of art.

Deciding on ‘a touch of burlesque, a touch of pin-up glamour’ to simulate the heyday of motor sport in the 1950s, the Super Veloce team descended on the McLaren workshop in Johannesburg for their photo shoot.

With the track racing McLaren Sprint model as the backdrop, the models were styled to that early period, and ‘draped’ around the car – with tools in hand too – with Paolo’s ‘work of art’ as the central theme.

These coffee makers are undoubtedly the most beautifully engineered espresso machines, and are sought after by collectors around the world, with agents representing him from the Arabian Gulf, through Europe and into the USA.
“My true loves have always been high-performance cars and high performance jets,” Paolo said, “but these coffee machines are my art.”

Super Veloce are represented in South Africa by The Vault by Daytona. Their contact details are:

The Vault By Daytona, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg
Contact David on 011 684 2023 or 082 875 7240