PRH is delighted to be taking over the distribution of this collection of 101 jaw-dropping stories, as told by the ordinary tourists who experienced them – first-hand accounts of sightings, scrapes and encounters in one of Africa’s greatest National Parks.

It details hair-raising experiences from the Kruger Park’s roads, camps, picnic sites and walking trails, such as:

An enraged elephant flips a car onto its roof
A lioness prises open a terrified couple’s car door
A fleeing impala leaps through an open car window
A hyena snatches a baby from a tent
A tourist takes a bath in a croc-infested waterhole…

A bedside book, a travel companion, a dip-into, read-anywhere compilation of joyful encounters laced with terrible warnings. Including 192 colour photos taken at the scenes of the tales.

Wherever you are, this book will transport you directly into the bush.

Jeff Gordon is one of the myriad ordinary Kruger visitors, with no special affiliation to the Park. But he happens to enjoy a good yarn, so he invited other ordinary Kruger visitors to submit stories about their experiences. The result has proved popular beyond his imaginings, and he has already started collecting stories for a second compilation. He likes his boerewors a touch underdone, his biltong thinly sliced and his Amarula on ice.