There are just over two weeks to go until the entries close for the Sasol New Signatures art competition, which is aimed at South African artists above the age of 18.

The prestigious contest is the longest running competition of its kind in South Africa and a platform to unearth and showcase local artists to the art-loving public.

Launched in April entries for this challenging competition close on 30th June 2017and judges are looking for works that make a strong statements and exude superior quality of craftsmanship and technical skill.
National Chairman, Dr Pieter Binsbergen said he is excited about this year’s contest and stated:

“I look forward to seeing the magnitude of talent the competition will uncover in 2017. This is truly an amazing and exciting journey and I urge you all to enjoy the ‘visual arts road trip’ with us”.

Works must reveal skilled handling of materials and techniques and be presented in such a way that convinces the judges that the artist was mindful of the work having to stand in its own right as an artwork. Artists are also advised to consider professional presentation so that talent and good work are not marred by lack of planning and bad presentation. And most importantly works must be display-ready when entered.

To enter, please visit:

Final submission dates are Thursday 29 June 2017 and Friday 30 June 2017