Support Assemblage’s former studio artist, Phumlani Ntuli, in his fundraising campaign, “Transplant”.

The campaign seeks to raise funds for his studies in Switzerland. In exchange for your generosity, he has created a body of work which you will receive as an incentive for your donation. The incentives or ‘perks’ get greater the more you give, but there is something for everyone’s budget.

The campaign, hosted by A Fund, in association with Keleketla Library, takes place 26 August 2015 at King Kong in Troyeville.

Assemblage’s Intern, Gontse Mathabathe and her graduation class, NewWork15, are hosting a live and silent auction to raise funds for their graduation catalogue and show (taking place in November). The auction will include a selection of Wits’ Fine Art alumni: Jeremy Wafer, Walter Oltman, Jessica Webster,Frances Goodman and of course, a selection of work from NewWork15. The auction will take place on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 at The Point of Order (T.P.O.O) in Braamfontein.

Transplant Campaign

‘Transplant’ campaign is a fund-raising Art Auction for Phumlani Ntuli’s studies in Switzerland. The project makes reference to the medical term transplantation (the transfer of human cells, tissues or organs from a donor to a recipient with the aim of restoring function(s) in the body). This concept serves to contextualise Ntuli’s immediate (financial need) and aspiration to restore function in his practice through furthering his studies, yet it also embodies the broader concerns of his work.

Ntuli believes his transplantation process, will enhance his career as an artist and give him an opportunity to investigate his preoccupation with the body as organ. Thus it also fulfils a conceptual conversation with you (the founder) as a donor contributing an organ (funds) for his transplant.

Ntuli states “The campaign is an open invitation to his broader community, family, friends, strangers, followers and networks to contribute to my journey as I get Transplanted to a place far from home”.