The Art Room is proud to host a stunning collection of photographic works of Johannesburg-based performance artist Oupa Lesiba Sibeko.

The exhibition will open at 6pm on Wednesday 15 March. A live performance by Sibkeo will commence at 7pm.

The photographic series consists of 14 black & white photographs, signed by the artist and limited to an edition of 10. These images were taken in a studio as Sibeko performed a Butoh dance, and are completely unposed.

A Butoh dance is often about the exploration of an object, and in the Reeds of Iqhawe – Reeds of the Warrior – Sibeko not only explores the essence of the reed as a signifier to his cultural and historical roots, but also as to the origin of himself as a performer.

Sibeko has performed for diverse audiences from Namibia to Iceland. The Art Room is excited to host Sibeko for the month of March before he heads off to Thailand in April.

The Butoh dance technique, inspired by Sibeko and captured in the photographic works, is a Japanese theatrical dance form first performed by Hijikata Tatsumi in 1959. Tatsumi’s intention was to create a dance form removed from Western styles as well as traditional Japanese styles. He drew inspiration from the avant-garde playwright and director Antonin Artaud. In the Butoh state, performers must clear their minds of all emotion and thought and dance “from the inside out”.

Performers often wear white body paint, shave their heads and have exaggerated expressions. They perform in unusual spaces and use slow, well-controlled movements.

The Art Room, Santos Centre, Cnr 4th Ave & 7th St, Parkhurst