Lizamore & Associates presents Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives, a solo exhibition by Keith Dietrich and The Forgotten, a group print exhibition curated by Teresa Lizamore. These exhibitions open on 4 August 2016 at 18:00.

For the past decade Keith Dietrich has been working with folded paper, texts and photographs. The core of this exhibition comprises an artist’s book and four photomontage triptychs entitled Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives | Justice and Injustice at the Cape, 1700 – 1800. In this historical image-narrative, set in the Cape of Good Hope, Dietrich offers the viewer/reader a rare glimpse into the entangled, unsettling and ultimately fragile histories of people living on the fringes of colonial society in one of the world’s most globalised social spaces at the time.

Alongside Dietrich’s compelling exhibition, The Forgotten will be on exhibition. This printmaking exhibition, curated by Teresa Lizamore, takes its cue from the untold – and often forgotten – narratives of many individuals embedded in South Africa’s complex history.