“In 1995 I started to paint and photograph horses while studying in Durban. This culminated in an exhibition in 1999 in Cape Town showcasing works depicting dead horses represented at varying levels of abstraction. At the time I was interested in the representation of the horse as a symbol of colonial power, and the notion of a dead horse seemed apt in the wake of the changing political regime in South Africa. Twenty years later I return to the horse image, but this time I have chosen to look at race horses represented as moving, energised and vital in contrast to earlier depictions of the dead horse.

Horses are particularly compelling to draw as subject matter, but they are also symbolically charged, problematized by a history of representation often connected to wealth and power. Through my series of horse drawings, I have tried to downplay typical connotations connected to the horse, and focus on the horse as an armature onto which new symbolic possibilities emerge.

In some instances I see this exercise as purely explorations in drawing, in which I try to dissolve the representational aspects of the horse, landscape, the picture in other words, into a kind of abstract space, disconnected from its original frame of reference. In short the horse provides a loaded but interesting starting point for emergence of other possibilities.”

Res Gallery would like to give a special thank to David Krut Projects for their participation in the show.

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