I’m thrilled to have moved studio to the Bag Factory in Fordsburg, an inspiring creative hub with hard-working and dedicated artists. Since my move, I’ve found the stimulation of the environment pushing me to break further boundaries in my art-making and deepen my exploration of Exclusion & Acceptance.

Living my passion.

My brother recently asked me how I’ve managed to live my passion and for some tips for someone who wants to do the same. After much self-reflection, I’ve come up with my Top-5 list.

Here’s my list:

Dream audaciously big dreams – big enough to pique the curiosity of the fairy pixies and hobbits and every other spirit or force of nature. The dream must be big enough to entice them to drop whatever it is that fairy pixies do in their spare time to harness the vast powers of the universe to help you achieve your seemingly impossibly-big dream.

Take daily steps – there can be no adequate reckoning for the cumulative impact of steady daily progress, chipping away bit-by-bit, inch-by-inch, whether it be on solving a maths problem, improving a golf handicap, writing a book or making beautiful art.

Surround yourself with a peer group – because you’re in the same boat, they experience the same challenges and are there to support you, guide you, motivate you, grow you.

Surround yourself with teachers, mentors, gurus – as many as possible – and invite their feedback, listen to them carefully and learn constantly. Read, imbibe, investigate, question, analyse …

Invite criticism – listen to every bit of feedback, especially the ones that hit you hard in the teeth, that wind you, that take the air out your chest. This is where the greatest learning lies