Even though 2016 is quickly reaching its end, we’ve still got a few exciting events lined up. As we reflect on events of the past month, we’re excited by the things happening around us and how exciting South African contemporary art is right now. For the rest of October come and visit One Dog Show or attend one of our Prints on Paper workshops. In November we will have a Residency Panel Discussion and have another two Prints on Paper workshops. Join us as we get our hands dirty and our minds inspired.


To get some insight into Sanele Omari Jali’s debut exhibition, One Dog Show, we asked him a few questions:

How are you experiencing your first solo exhibition?

For me as an artist it’s a beautiful experience because it’s something I studied towards and been looking forward to it my entire life.

How have onlookers reacted to One Dog Show?

One Dog Show is a fresh experience, from the subject matter, the style of work to the curating and from what I’ve seen people love what they see but at the same time it’s confusing due to the art they are used to. Well for me this is good because my intention was to challenge the status quo.

How has Assemblage influenced your journey as an artist thus far?

Assemblage is a good community space for artist from all different backgrounds. After graduation as an artist you need a space where you will find yourself. Studying art you are forced to master the fundamentals and to make it as an artist you need to forget them. And to do that you need to spend time with other artist who are exercising their freedom. Assemblage is the perfect place to find yourself.

What’s next for Sanele Omari Jali?

I would like to have a solo each year. And to achieve that I plan to continue with more bodies of work and to work with different printmakers in the city as well as outside the country.