The Johannesburg Art Gallery is pleased to announce 1:1 by Alinka Echeverría, the British-Mexican artist’s first solo exhibition on the African continent.

Drawing from bodies of work created over the past five years, 1:1 brings into conversation photographic works developed in seemingly disparate locations within the global South. Mexico, South Sudan, and South Africa are sites that the artist has engaged with closely to interrogate contemporary ideas of the nation state, the formation of identity, the relationship between knowledge and belief, and the deep undercurrents of interconnection that run through the human experience.

Placed in the context of the colonial-era building of the Johannesburg Art Gallery her works engage in a re-appropriation of space that speaks to changing modes of seeing and the globalised linkages being made between south-oriented cultures.

In the award-winning series Becoming South Sudan, Echeverría takes us to a specific moment in time in the creation of the world’s newest nation state. Photographed in the weeks preceding the declaration of independence in 2011, this three-chaptered series explores the act of wearing as a mode of becoming, self-determination, and self-reflection in a monumental shift in this society. Through powerful and sometimes confrontational portraits Echeverría captures the revealing gaze of individuals at a pivotal time in their lives and country.

Opening: Sunday 9 August 2015 at 4pm at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
Exhibition runs until October 25 2015
Curated by Medeine Tribinevicius and Thato Mogotsi
Opening remarks by Professor Achille Mbembe (WISER, University of the Witwatersrand).